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Optimising the funding application experience for doctors in need.


To kick-off the project we sat down with key stakeholders and planned out all aspects of the charity. To draw up a full picture we covered; the perceptions, charity aims, audiences, profiles for recipients, content types required and finally the success criteria for the website.


Outlining this information from the start ensured the goals for the project were considered throughout.

Audience and aims

The main audiences to be addressed were potential donors to help support the charity and eligible recipients of grants, such as medical students and refugee doctors. 

  • Increase donations and awareness
  • Decrease applications that are not eligible
  • Increase application quality

Increase donations and awareness

To build trust and empathy for the charity, stories of individuals who have received help were given priority on the home page. We also introduced some simple illustrations to soften the brand.

Increase application quality and decrease applications that are not eligible

To achieve this we created an online questionnaire. Once completed, eligible candidates are given appropriate forms to complete and send to the charity for review.


Craft3 CMS

Under the hood the website runs on Craft3 content management system, which provides powerful tools for adding and amending content. Craft is super secure and provides a customisable toolkit of components to build up pages.

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