Doctors Help website designed by Method & Class
 • Help Me, I'm a doctor

Bespoke web portal to help doctors & healthcare professionals


The brief

The support criteria for each charities varies; some support doctor's dependents, some don't. Some only offer support to doctors, others will help other medical professionals.  It was all very confusing. In many scenarios, Doctors and their families were applying to all five charities looking for help.  

The idea behind the portal was to help demystify this and show a doctor or family member which charity best suits their circumstances.  


The design

Working with The Cameron Fund (who were leading the project) we wanted to show the angst that a doctor might feel with mounting problems.  The logo 'Help me, I'm a doctor' reflects the handwritten doctors signature, in that typical, almost difficult to read style.  

The rest of the web application needed to be crisp & clear, but also needed to reflect the respective charities and not impact or clash with their brands.  We created a colour palette that complimented all of the charities and matched that to a series of bespoke illustrations of worried doctors - these would become the powerful focal point of the homepage.  We really didn't want to use stock photography here, so opted to use the doctors illustrations to demonstrate the problems that doctors face as their problems swirl around them.  


The feedback received from the charities and the end users has been very positive. The clear and simple to use questionnaire has allowed doctors and their families to find the answers and get the support that they need.