Lunaz Design Case Study
 • Lunaz Design Study

Ultimate luxury at every touch point.

Lunaz is a company that we’ve admired for a long time. They are restoring, recommissioning and electrifying the worlds most beautiful classic cars.

We carried out this design case study to explore how a premium app could look.

Digital dashboard, personalised to your vehicle

Combining a classic car with ultra-modern electronics enables you to provide the timeless beauty of the classic motoring experience and 21st century levels of connectivity.

The digital dashboard can be tailored with individualised widgets to provide the owner with the information they value most. Is the interior cool enough? How much charge do I have? Did I lock the doors?

Leaving the car with the valet? No problem.

Integrate a ‘Phone as a Key (PaaK)’ service to provide secure digitally controlled access to your hand-crafted classics. Lock, unlock and share the key to trusted people all from the beautifully minimalist interface.


Premium, high quality, personalised and oozing timeless style.

A modern vehicle health panel for classics that are to be driven daily.
Remotely operated climate control at the scroll of a dial.

Clean air future

With the proliferation of EV owners comes the expectation of a full suite of smartphone connected features.

Every day drivers need scheduled charging for maximum confidence and reduced range anxiety.

The world needs low CO2 mobility solutions, from the circular usage of vehicles to green optimised charging.

Lunaz can continue to lead the way.

Digital Certificate of Authenticity

A gallery of professional studio photographs taken on completion, performance figures and build specifications - all available from the palm of your hand.

Accompanying this would be a digitally signed Non-Fungible Token that records the authenticity of your vehicle and provides a totally secure way of documenting the vehicle history and ownership.

Think Ferrari Classiche, but better.

Allow AR to turn dreamers into the new owner of an electrified icon

Augmented Reality is the perfect mechanism to bring your 'uncompromised expression of the original' into your clients’ hands.

Allow dreamers to position a vehicle on their driveway, save the image and share it on.

A truly interactive and immersive part of the purchasing experience.

Much like Lunaz, our passion is our craft.

Bespoke design, beautiful user experiences and seamless software - we harness technology to create innovative digital products.

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