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 • Mary How Trust

Maximising donations for a worthy cause.


The Mary How Trust provided one of the most detailed briefs we’ve received. Clearly, they had done their homework, they knew their audience and they knew what the website should achieve: an increase awareness, to reach more supporters, to increase donations and ultimately to get more clients through the doors.


The Mary How Trust is interesting because it competes on a local and national level both for the health screening services they provided and also for the kind donations that people make. So the website needed to reach out to all of these audiences, engage with them and make them request a screening, support the charity or make a donation.

So, how did we do it?

Firstly, we did our research. We took the excellent work done by the Mary How Trust and delved deeper, analysed their service competitors and the charity sector in general. We considered the language, the tone of voice, the quality of their websites, social media and marketing – the result of this enabled us to draw clear conclusions on what is working, what isn’t and what we can learn from them.

The output of this research informs the content strategy – making sure that the new website has the right content, written in the right way and presenting the Mary How Trust correctly.

Once we’d established the shape and style of content, we moved into the design of the website.

Maximising donations

The donation mechanism and process that we designed and built has been widely regarded as an example of best practice on the eCampaigning Forum - something that we are very proud of.  This features a card based system that can be swiped left and right to see how your donation would be used both as a one off or on an ongoing basis. It also features an innovative card flip animation that updates to show the type of card, based on the number and shows you where to find the CVC number.