Bespoke website design for interior designer Richmond International
 • Richmond International

Industry leaders in interior design for over 45 years.


The Brief

Richmond International have been a leading light in interior design for hospitality for over 45 years – they are a big deal. Their previous website wasn’t actually that old, but the design didn’t sit well within their brand identity, it was cumbersome to update and wasn’t maximising the photography that was available.

Our job was to make full use of this photography, with very little text content required: Let the photography and their expertise in interior design do the talking. Effectively, we had to make an innovative interface to provide an interactive slide show of photos. Calls to action and ‘the hard sell’ is not their thing. In their market, at the level they operate in, sales leads come through personal recommendations and introductions between hotel & property owners.


Our Solution

Our solution was to design and make their website feel more like an app. Their target audiences are wealthy hotel owners who have the latest tech, the best gadgets and teams of people working for them. We wanted to WOW them with stunning imagery unimpeded with waffle or unnecessary features.

We pitched the idea of people using this website in very much a ‘lean back’ way, where they can swipe around between projects, making full use of the touch gestures and interfaces.

We deliberately positioned the main navigation toggle in an unconventional, bottom right position. This was because, when held in landscape mode, your thumb is perfectly positioned to toggle the menu on and off.

We also wanted to have smooth transitions between sections, to make it feel more like an app and less like web pages loading. To achieve this we utilised a jQuery framework called Animsition, allowing smooth fade-ins on pages.

Finally, to give the homepage more impact we designed and created an introductory video that walks through a few projects and the myriad of global locations that they work in.


50th Anniversary

In addition to the main website, we also produced a 50th anniversary micro site. An immersive and interactive experience that incorporates a lot of video, animation and user engagement. In the timeline section you take on the part of a bell boy and walk through 50 years of Richmond's history, enjoying videos of former Richmond team members reminiscing about their work and how Richmond changed the face of interior design in the hospitality sector.