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An MVP for a world leading telemedicine platform, providing a springboard for further investment.


Working with a fellow Milton Keynes company, the brief was to work with the Doctor Pulse team to understand and explore their requirements, establish the MVP and then consider how this could be delivered. After exploring a number of possible avenues, it was decided that a completely bespoke application would be developed. This was to retain maximum flexibility, to be in control of their development direction and to retain all of the IP within the business.

The WebRTC peer to peer video calling is facilitated with an integration with TokBox that works on nearly all modern browsers on all operating systems, platforms and devices.

We have also integrated Cloudflare for optimised front end experiences.


Security has been a priority throughout. We worked together with a cyber security specialist with world class credentials to develop a platform that satisfies the latest cyrpotechnology and a similar infrastructure setup to the CIA.

The platform includes automatic audit logging of all activity and various built-in data controls to satisfy GDPR. In addition two factor authentication is carried out for all logins and when a user attempts to amend any sensitive information.

We worked in an Agile way to explore the functionality and requirements for each key element of the platform. The result is a piece of software that is designed collaboratively with Doctor Pulse and their Cyber Security specialists to their own specification.

This platform will allow them to grow both domestically and internationally, whilst we offer continual improvements to increase performance and user experience.